The Struggle Never Dies

Miles Griffith - Vocals, Composer, Lyricist

Tony Pancella - Piano/Composer
Aldo Vigorito - Acoustic Bass
Pietro Iodice - Drums, Speaking Voice

List of Tunes:

 1. Child Jazz Morning Scat Intro

 2. Will Power (The Struggle Never Dies)
 3. I'm Movin' On
 4. Too Many Words (They're Just Too Many Words)
 5. Out to Lunch (If Fish Is Your Problem?)
 6. Let Them Talk (MP3)
 7. Love Theme 2nd Movement
 8. Lonely Moments (I Have the Strangest Thoughts)
 9. Everything I Have Is Yours (MP3)
10. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
11. Child Jazz Morning Scat

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Miles Griffith - Vocals, Composer, Lyricist

Tony Pancella - Piano, Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, Composer, Speaking Voice
Max Ionata - Tenor, Soprano Sax
Aldo Vigorito - Acoustic, Electric Bass, Speaking Voice
Pietro Iodice - Drums, Speaking Voice

List of Tunes:

 1. Arioso (Take Flight And Be Free)

 2. Life In The City
 3. I Mean You
 4. Here's That Rainy Day (MP3)
 5. Domingo
 6. Autumn in NY
 7. What Is That Beautiful Sound
 8. Too High (MP3)
 9. Smile Again
10. We See (MP3)
11. Something Special In The
     Sky For Us

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Miles Griffith - Vocals

Tony Pancella - Piano
Dario Rosciglione - Bass
Pietro Iodice - Drums

List of Tunes:

1. I Found You (Real Audio)
2. Just Wait and See
3. Close Your Eyes (Real Audio)
4. No More
5. Summertime (Real Audio)
6. Let Me Try
7. All of Me
8. Crazy Roma Blues

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VDMG Records

Miles Griffith - Vocals
Vared Dekel - Vocals
Shedrick Mitchell - Piano, Organ
Reggie Washington - Electric. Bass
Avishai Cohen - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
David Pleasant - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Joe Barbeto - Accordion

List of Tunes:

 1. The Rude Awakening
 2. Rats and Rainbows
 3. Born To Cry
 4. Boola Zoola
 5. Empva Lest
 6. I Want To Be (Real Audio)
 7. Unknown Landscapes
 8.Boola Zoola
    (Real Audio)

 9. How Could I've Known
10. Oh Mama
11. Willow Weep For Me
    (Real Audio)

12. I Like To See The Sky

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Miles Griffith - Vocals, Percussion
James Williams - Piano
Stephen Scott - Piano
Dwayne Burno - Bass
Richie Goods - bass
Tony Reedus - Drums
Bobby Sanabria - Percussion
Jamal Haymes - Trombone
Ernie Barnes - Electric Bass
Vattel Cherry - Acoustic Bass, Percussion
David Pleasant - Percussion, Harmonica
Taru Alexander - Drums
Nasheet Waits - Drums

List of Tunes:

 1. Hey, It's Me You're Talking To
    (Real Audio)

 2. Spiritual Freedom
    (Real Audio)

 3. In A Mellow Tone
 4. Old Folks
 5. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
 6. Jack Leg
 7. The Black Swan
    (Real Audio)

 8. Sunrise Sunset
 9. Down and Dirty Blues
10. Just One Of Those Things
11. The Party Is Over



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